2001 Chateau de Malle Sauternes

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Chateau de Malle hasn’t been the most consistent or high quality Sauternes over the last two decades but it does boast some of the best gardens in Bordeaux. Originally designed in the early 18thcentury by Alexandre Eutrope de Lur Saluces it is easy to see how heavily influenced he was by his time in Versailles and Italy. The grand Renaissance building frames the immaculate terraces that hold statues from Greek mythology and the Italian commedia dell’arte as well as symbols representing wine and wine-making.

Delivery Notes

Please allow around 2 weeks for delivery of this wine.
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Vintage Notes

2001 was an exceptional vintage in Sauternes
2001 was a good and relatively long-lived vintage in Bordeaux

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2001 Chateau de Malle: £56

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