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SuperTuscan Aristocracy Mixed Case
SuperTuscan Aristocracy Mixed Case

2015 Super Tuscan Mixed Cases

We have put together a selection of mixed cases from producers that have excelled in the Super Tuscan field: some are well-known names, and others are relative newcomers working their way up the ranks, but all are high quality, interesting wines that offer an insight into the region. 

We have chosen the 2015 vintage because it is ready to drink now, but there is still plenty of time for the wines to develop further.

The aristocrats are household names (although rarely available by the bottle) but our pretenders are approaching, and occasionally surpassing, the standard of their neighbours and we believe that they will repay closer examination.

2015 Super Tuscan Young Pretenders Mixed Case
2015 Super Tuscan Young Pretenders Mixed Case

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Revisiting 2006

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