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South island, New Zealand

Autumn Wines

During the spring lockdown a cosy night in was still a luxury, but after six months, it has rather lost its sheen. This time last…
Donna Olimpia Orizzonte

Donna Olimpia 1898

Bolgheri, on the Tuscan coast, is littered with the greats from the Italian wine making world: Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Antinori, Gaja. These behemoths have set the…
2015 Chateau Capbern Saint Estephe Cru Bourgeois

2015 Bordeaux

2015 was a good year for most of the wine world but particularly for Bordeaux. It was sunny and warm and nearly everyone got the…
Mendoza Vineyard


Argentina spent the majority of the 20th century shrouded in trouble and political instability. Despite having all the key elements to create a wine industry worthy…
Mischief and Mayhem Chambolle Musigny

The Joys of Being Wrong

Being wrong about something should be approached with grace and humility which is why we will hold our hands up and say that we, wrongly,…
Rhone vineyards


Camping with small children is fairly torturous. After a week in a frequently rain soaked campsite in Brittany we were in dire need of some…
1940s Antonio de la Riva Viejisimo Oloroso

Antonio de la Riva

19th Century Sherry I am a big fan of Sherry. It reminds me of growing up in southern Spain where the old men would be…


Reacquaint yourself with an old friend  There’s something comforting and familiar about Rioja. It’s like the old friend you perhaps don’t see very often but…

New World Wanderings

We don’t spend a huge amount of time in the New World; we have a tendency to gravitate towards France, Spain and Italy because most…
Chateau Angelus Saint Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classe A

Angélus vs. Pavie

Achieving first growth status is the holy grail in Bordeaux so for two chateaux to achieve it in the same year is a rather astonishing…

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Nemo Wines is a UK online wine merchant based in the London suburb of Barnes.

Our primary objective is to bring quality wines to our customers at the best possible prices, and to give you an honest opinion about the wines – not to say they’re wonderful when we know they aren’t.  One of our honest opinions is that most quality wine sold in the UK is sold considerably before it is ready to drink and therefore we tend to list wines considerably older than most merchants.

Unlike some of our competitors, we also believe that wines should be priced with all sales taxes included.  Note that if you have access to a bonded warehouse, we would be happy to transfer any of our in bond wines to you under bond.  Please check the product details to see whether we can transfer the wine in bond and, if so, ask us for a quote.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@nemowine.com or call us on 020 8191 9671 (+44 20 8191 9671 if you’re calling from abroad).

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If you are looking for delivery outside the UK, you may pay us by credit card or bank transfer too but we can’t take an online payment because we need to get delivery quotes to get a final price.   Please place your order as if paying by bank transfer and we’ll contact you with a delivery quote.  Or just get in touch directly by mail or telephone.

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Because some of our wines are stored in government bonded warehouses and some are stored in our own cellars, please pay attention to the delivery notes on each product.

Buying from us in bond

If you wish to buy from us in bond, please contact us on the telephone number above or by email to get a quote as the purchase price of our wines is always quoted UK duty paid and we can provide many wines in bond at lower prices.  Products available in bond are marked as such.

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