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Wine Topics

Book Review: Barolo and Barbaresco by Kerin O’Keefe

Our focus on Italian wine occurred fairly organically. The business began with a decent collection of Burgundy and Bordeaux but, through customer interest and some chance encounters in the wine industry, we began to stock more and more Italian wines. With this increase in stock came a sudden need for better knowledge and a more in […]

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Barolo Barbaresco O'Keefe


UK Exclusive on Tuscan Petit Verdot Petit Verdot is a grape variety few people pay much attention to. Its main claim to fame is its use in Bordeaux where many chateaux use it to add colour and a touch of spice. The quantities used are very small, usually under 10% and sometimes as little as

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Donna Olimpia Orizzonte

£30 And Under

Good wines for under £30 Finding great value wine is especially satisfying in those months when we’re not feeling particularly decadent.  We have put together a collection of wines for £30 and under that tick the box of interesting, well-made wines, that remain within the low-mid range price bracket.   2021 Cantina Terlano Pinot Bianco Trenitno Alto

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Cantina Terlano Pinot Bianco Trentino Alto Adige

New Year, Old Wines

We have never been ones for whimsical change so this year has started like many others: no new year resolutions, just a gentle reminder that our preference for mature vintages is a sensible one.  Below is a selection of red wines with a good amount of age behind them that will keep things interesting in

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Chateau Giscours Margaux Troisieme Cru

Sweet Wines

Sweet, Sticky and Endlessly Satisfying Whilst some would happily have a glass of desert wine every evening, for many it is only at Christmas that they indulge in a glass or two with pudding. Either way, sweet wines tend to be some of the best value wines around.  The most recognised sweet wines are reliant on

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1996 Chateau Nairac Barsac

Autumn Mixed Case

Autumn Mixed Case of 6 £120 Autumn officially starts in September but we never feel quite ready for it until October. There’s always that last glimmer of summer at the end of September that makes all the talk of Halloween and bonfire night a little premature. October is here though and Autumn is well under way:

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2022 Autumn Mixed Six

2016 Vintage

The vintage of the decade with prices to match? The 2016 vintage presents us with a slight problem: it is becoming rather expensive.  Several wine regions, mainly in Europe, enjoyed excellent growing conditions and subsequent success in 2016. Six years on and the price is rapidly increasing especially on the big name wines from Tuscany, Piedmont,

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Castello di Ama Chianti Classico San Lorenzo Gran Selezione

Summer Sale

As the end of summer draws near we thought a little spring clean would be beneficial. Our cellars have helpfully revealed a list of wines that could do with a new home. Some bottles are perfect for drinking now but won’t last forever, others are wines we would prefer to re-house so we can make way

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Chateau La Conseillante Pomerol

The Big Move

Nemo Wine Cellars began life in South West London in 2018 and this year moved out to the Suffolk coast.  Back in December 2021 an opportunity arose to purchase an old mill with space for an office and tasting room. The word ‘old’ is quite important here as the property is a work in progress

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Holbrook Mill, Holbrook, Ipswich, Suffolk

Revisiting 2013

When new wines are released we find revisiting previous vintages and the predictions made at the time a valuable exercise. Particularly in vintages that were awkward or inconsistent.  2013 was a year most have chosen to forget, in part because it was such a difficult year for the majority of French wine regions. But there were

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Brunello di Montalcino

Autumn Mixed Case

We have put together a selection of bottles to complement the weather and mood. Our Autumn Mixed Case includes six wines that provide a gentle transition from the fresh, summer wines we’ve been enjoying over the last few months to the richer, winter offerings. All are from well-regarded producers from a variety of regions that suit

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Summer Mixed Case

Over the years we have become fairly experienced in the art of holidaying in the UK: we have rented cottages in Scotland, pitched tents in Wales and fought hornets in a treehouse in Devon. And one thing we’ve learnt is to always pack the car with the essentials – good wine and a decent corkscrew.

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2021 Summer Value Mixed Case

Revisiting 2015

2015 is hailed as an exceptional vintage across Europe but there are a few pitfalls to watch out for. The summer was dry and hot with plenty of sunny days which for some was wonderful but for others a little trickier as it followed difficult spring weather or created droughts that put stress on the

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Donna Olimpia Orizzonte

Easy Going Reds

It’s good to drink wine that challenges us and makes us think. But sometimes you just want something simple, easy going, and relaxing. Simplicity shouldn’t mean forgoing quality which makes these wines harder to find than you’d expect.  We have put together a list of red wines that offer the level of quality we appreciate whilst

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Tenuta San Guido Le Difese Toscana IGT

Vintage Champagne

Non-Vintage champagne, which makes up the highest proportion of Champagne produced and sold, is made from a blend of the year’s harvest as well as a number of reserve wines. The most prestigious houses take great care in their non-vintage blend and use the finest reserves from a variety of vintages to produce a unique

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Moet and Chandon Dom Perignon Champagne


Although Syrah is native to the Rhone valley in France it is equally, if not more, famous as Shiraz in Australia.  The greater recognition of the word ‘Shiraz’ than ‘Syrah’ has been brushed aside because the French use appellation names, such as Hermitage, Côte Rôtie and Cornas, on their labels rather than the word ‘Syrah’

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Standish The Relic Shiraz-Viognier Barossa Valley

Revisiting 2009

2009 was the year French vineyards could do no wrong. The climate was spectacular and nearly all wine producing regions enjoyed a bumper year that was met with raptures by the critics and consumers. But with 12 years gone and the dust settled, where in France have the wines stood the test of time? And

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2009 Chateau Mouton Rothschild Pauillac Premier Cru

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