2007 Chateau Leoville Barton Saint-Julien

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Producer Notes

Léoville-Barton and Poyferré both suffered in reputation during the middle of the 20thcentury but since the mid 90’s their stars have been in ascendency. The middling vintages, 1960’s through to the late 90’s, are mostly average but those since can offer some top class wines.
Léoville-Barton currently offers the best value out of the three. These are wines that can offer great complexity if aged for the right amount of time. Too young and they’re tight and tannic, too old and the fruit dies. Just right and the levels of fruit, spice, earth and tobacco notes are wonderfully balanced.

Delivery Notes

Please allow around 2 weeks for delivery of this wine.
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Vintage Notes

2007 was an average, early drinking vintage in Bordeaux

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2006: £120
2008: £82
2015: £175

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