2016 Gaja Sperss Langhe DOC (Five litre bottle)

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Producer Notes

Undoubtedly the most iconic Italian wine producer in the Piemonte region, Gaja has sought to embrace change and innovation over the last few decades whilst maintaining a reputation for quality and excellence. Across their impressively large vineyard holdings, Nebbiolo and Barbera is at the forefront of the red wine making. Some small quantities of Chardonnay have been planted for white wine whilst Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc are blended to make red wine from the larger Langhe area, much to the disdain of other Barolo producers who would prefer all wines in the region to be made exclusively from indigenous grapes. Despite side-lining tradition, Gaja’s wines are in high demand at incredibly premium price points with many labels dedicated to single vineyard sites. The estate takes great pride in creating wines that have wonderful concentration and depth for longevity in bottle, whilst also being fruit-driven and supple enough to enjoy when young.

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Vintage Notes

2016 was a good vintage in Piedmont

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