2017 Mischief and Mayhem Bourgogne Pinot Noir

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Additional Wine Notes

Old fashioned Burgundy so it won’t suit you if you like massive fruit levels but this is a well-made wine and this type of wine is now rare at this price point. It is however very easy to drink, so if you have fond memories evenings with the house Burgundy at a French Brasserie in the 1980s, this may be just the thing for you.

Producer Notes

Mischief and Mayhem is an oddly named (something to do with Roald Dahl, we think) micro-negotiant, run by two ex-Berry Bros Brits.

Fortunately their wines are somewhat more traditional than their name and extremely good value at the moment.

Delivery Notes

Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery of this wine.
Overseas deliveries can take longer.
For transfers under bond or to recover VAT on export, please contact us at [email protected]

Vintage Notes

2017 was an above average vintage for both red and white wines in Burgundy

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