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1999 Domaine Jean Grivot Vosne-Romanee Les Beaux Monts Premier Cru

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Producer Notes

Domaine Jean Grivot is one of the oldest producers in Burgundy in France, led by fifth generation winemaker, Etienne. Based in Vosne-Romanée, the total wine production is very small, however, an excellent range of wines is created at all different quality levels, from Village right up to Grand Cru. For some of the more illustrious vineyards such as Richebourg and Échezeaux, the family decided to hire a horse (his name is Pirate!) so that the land could be managed in a gentle, more natural way. The wines show much character and complexity and are developing all the time with new energy and input from Etienne’s daughter, Mathilde. Jean Grivot is regarded as one of the best and most reliable producers in Vosne-Romanée which is certainly evident in the wines that are crafted year after year.

Jean Grivot is an old established burgundy domaine run by Etienne Grivot who took over from his father in 1987. Etienne’s reign was slightly marred at the beginning by a controversial following of the winemaking practices of Guy Accad. Accad is well-renowned for his expertise in soil analysis and had long been extolling the virtues of cutting back on fertilisation and encouraging a more harmonious balance in soil when he joined Grivot in the late 1980’s. He seems to have been rather demonised on the burgundy producers scene and his winemaking practices were decried as fraudulent. Interestingly, his theories on soil analysis are ones that are now commonplace in viticulture.

Accad and Grivot parted ways in the late 1990’s but Grivot retained many of Accad’s theories on soil analysis but chose to move forward with his own winemaking style. This meeting of ideas seemed to turn the tides around and Grivot’s wines have been well-regarded for the last two decades.

The Domaine follows biodynamic and organic principles but is not certified (a common occurrence in Burgundy) and is keen to keep the viticulture as natural as possible. Like most good producers in Burgundy, Grivot favours low yields to increase flavour concentration which he achieves with densely planted vineyards (the theory being that the increased competition between the vines produces less fruit and deeper roots).

The Grivot wines from Vosne-Romanée are full of fruit and elegance with each one harnessing its own unique complexities. The more basic offerings tend to be just that and it is definitely worth stepping up to the premier crus to get the real benefits of the Grivot winemaking.
His daughter Mathilde and son Hubert have now taken over production at the domaine but Grivot only retired in 2020. So far the impetus is on retaining the same level of care and attention in the vineyards with no major style changes announced as yet.

Vintage Notes

1999 was a very good vintage for red and a good vintage for white wines in Burgundy

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